“I’m grateful for the time I spent with Heidi. She holds a special gift in her ability to immediately put people at ease. She creates a safe space which makes her clients feel comfortable and willing to open up- even via video conference. During our first session she explained the purpose of life coaching and how she typically conducts her sessions. This was helpful because I knew exactly what to expect. She allowed me to lead the session according to what was most prominent or pressing in my life at the moment. I appreciated the way she listened to my thoughts and offered questions and feedback to help me work more thoroughly through some of them. Everything about her session is intentional and she allows the client to see different perspectives, helping them to address their issues at a pace that’s comfortable and appropriate. Her compassionate mindset and care for the well-being of her clients is a fundamental part of why she’s so great at what she does.”
-Jessica (Atlanta, GA)

“Heidi is an amazing coach. Her professional demeanor is calming and empowering and she holds space for her clients in a very authentic way. Coaching sessions with Heidi feel like a conversation with a good friend who is willing to listen and reflect but also push you to explore sides of yourself that you may not have seen before. I love that Heidi doesn’t offer canned responses but truly listens and offers personalized guidance, insight, and accountability. It’s really refreshing to work with someone who deeply cares about me, my goals, and my well-being. Thanks to Heidi I was able to uncover perspectives, reflections, and resources that helped to take my personal development to the next level.”
-Lauren (Atlanta, GA)

“Within the first few sessions I knew I made the right choice in working with Heidi. Heidi has so much life experience and an incredibly vast knowledge base which allowed her to confidently guide me on a number of important areas of my life. Additionally, she is very in-tune with you when describing your goals and/or hurdles, which allows her to help you uncover a clear path forward. I have grown personally and professionally throughout the coaching relationship, which has yielded me both tangible and intangible results. My perceptions, habits, health and thoughts have changed which allows me to continue to make progress towards my goals and lead a better daily lifestyle. If you are thinking about hiring a coach, I would recommend connecting with Heidi.”

-Rob (NJ)


Every time I finish a session with Heidi, I feel lighter and have more confidence and trust in myself. She has a wonderful way of helping me to get out of my own way and access my higher self. Thank you for the work you do!!

-Sally (Salt Lake City, UT)